drink no evil 

We at KraPow LDN have partnered with the team at Karma Cola and sell their amazing drinks on our stall, with Karma Cola, Gingerella Ginger Ale and Lemony Lemonade.

Not only are they a funky and modern brand we share many qualities with, they are actually making a difference in the production of their drinks and giving back to local communities.

Unlike other soft drinks, their family of drinks are made of good organic, Fairtrade ingredients and the lightly processed kind of sugar that isnโ€™t bleached white with sulphur. Karma Cola's original recipe combines cola nut from the Boma village in Sierra Leone with vanilla bean grown by the Forest Garden Growers Association in Sri Lanka and organically grown sugar cane from the Suminter Organic Farmers Consortium in Maharashtra India.

They use organic malt extract for flavour and colour instead of artificial colouring, preservatives or phosphoric acid. In addition to paying farmers a fair price, Karma Cola works directly with cola nut farmers in the Boma village in Sierra Leone, to help rebuild their crops and their communities in the aftermath of war.

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